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Have you been living with a health condition for years without relief? Do you need some help to get your body back in shape? or you simply just don’t feel your best? A nutritionist can help you take the first steps to feel well again, naturally.

Jessica offers personalised Nutritional treatment plans, designed by a Clinical Nutritionist. Treatment plans are based on YOUR lifestyle and YOUR health requirements to reach YOUR health goals.



My Goal

Balancing health is tough with the fast-paced lives we live, juggling family, work, exercise, and somewhere in all of that trying to have a social life. So, it’s understandable that nutrition and wellbeing get pushed to the side.  That’s why my goal as your nutritionist is to offer advice and tailored health plans that fit into your life! With one-on-one support I aim to empower you with knowledge so you feel motivated to implement changes, so you can live your life to its fullest.

Jessica Cara Nutrition

Jessica Cara Nutrition


What is a Nutritionist?

Nutritionists have a holistic approach to health, considering the individual as a whole including lifestyle, emotional and physical aspects to improve someone’s health.

With a Bachelor’s degree a Clinical Nutritionist is trained to investigate the underlying causes to illness and recognise signs in the body that point to an imbalance. A Nutritionists expertise lay in the fields of individual dietary planning, clinical nutritional supplementation, weight (loss and gain) concerns, food quality and complete dietary reprogramming.


Benefits of Nutrition

Do any of these sounds like you?

–      concerned about your health?

–      Feel tired all the time or have energy slumps during the day?

–      Crave high sugar, high fat foods, alcohol or caffeine?

–      Frequent colds/ feeling run down?

–      Bloated, gassy, constipated or diarrhoea?

–      Food intolerances?

–      Brain fog or difficulty concentrating?

–      Trouble sleeping, falling asleep or waking up tired?

–      Disorganised or out of ideas with meals and snacks so rely on prepackaged foods?

If you answered yes to any of these questions a Nutritionist can benefit you.


Weight Loss

Do you struggle with your weight?

Have you tried endless diets with no long-lasting results?

Are you confused about what to eat?

Do you emotionally eat?

Are you lacking the energy and motivation to get your health back on track?

Losing weight and improving your health doesn’t have to be an endless battle of starving yourself, feeling bored with food and losing motivation.

Rediscover how healthy eating can be enjoyable and practical, so you can nourish your body and get the best results possible.

Weight loss consultations with a Nutritionist look at a variety of health related factors and get to the root cause of your weight concerns.


 You will learn:

–      How to eat for weight loss without going hungry

–      Learn how to manage your triggers for emotional eating

–      Understand portion sizes

–      Easy strategies to meal plan

–      Gain delicious meal and snack ideas

–      Gain personal nutrition assessment with possible nutritional deficiencies that may contribute to fatigue, low moods or poor digestion.

–      Have a clear, easy personalised Nutrition plan to get your weight loss journey underway.



Jess will be in the clinic Tuesday morings. Call 49846897

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