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Gonstead Technique

Named after its developer, Dr. Clarence Gonstead, this approach came from his engineering background. His “foundation principle” explains how a nerve interference pattern in one area of the spine can produce compensatory changes in another.

After studying your health history, we conduct a complete examination that includes, neuromusculoskeletal, orthopaedic and postural analysis.

Finally, we use our fingertips to “palpate” or feel the location of individual bones and how they may differ from their normal position.

Full Spine Correction

With a complete picture of your spine it’s time to make the needed corrections.

To adjust your spine we have the option of using any one of our two tables in our rooms. Pelvis adjustments are usually performed lying on your side, whereas the middle part of your back is usually adjusted lying face down. Your neck is usually adjusted lying on your back.

Sometimes you will hear a slight “popping” sound that we call cavitation. Sometimes you won’t. Either way, you should be feeling better soon.